Puppy Puppy Puppy!

He’s finally here!

We Brought Grizz home on Wednesday, he was good as gold in the car and jumped straight into his crate when we introduced him to it. I had given the breeder a blanket and toy so that he had something with a familiar smell on it and it seemed to do the trick.

Boy does he take up a lot of time, it’s very hard to get any work done with a puppy around. I’ve been trying to write this post for three days! He is very wonderful though, everything he does is unbelievably cute. Well, nearly everything, peeing on the floor and waking me at 5am isn’t that cute, but I forgive him! He has settled in pretty well and even Tigger has started to come around a little bit. She is still very wary of him but they have been within about 2 feet of one another without anyone losing an eye.

He has been scratching a lot so I got some Stronghold flea treatment from the vet on Thursday. This didn’t make a difference so I gave him a bath (very cute!) but again this didn’t help. The vet recommended a bath in Baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda- not baking powder!) so the poor thing got 2 baths in one day! He’s much softer and less dusty feeling, although he is still scratching a bit, so I brought him to the vet this morning.

The vet thinks he’s ‘the best puppy you could get’, and agrees he was worth the wait, which is very complimentary for someone who sees tons of dogs every day! He squeezed out his anal glands- lovely, and wormed him with Milbemax (the rolls royce of wormers so he says) and put drops in his ears, so he’s well and truly covered. He said not to worry too much about the scratching as long as he’s not loosing any hair, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

The new camera is brilliant and I’m so glad I got it now so I can capture his puppy days, as I’m sure they will go very fast.


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