Sugar and Surprises

This morning was hectic. I was in charge of our scout’s Cake Sale to raise money for our summer trip. I guess I could now call it our annual cake sale as this is the second year we have done it! Yesterday I spent the day baking- 3 batches of cupcakes, a lemon drizzle cake, and dolling-up some shop-bought muffins that a parent donated. Unfortunately I was too busy for photos and my brothers camera was nowhere to be found. All in all the cake sale was great- oddly we made the Exact Same amount of money as last year, €640, very strange!! We probably would have made a little more had the scouts not helped themselves to lollipops and a few cupcakes! They were over the moon when I told them this would be enough to add a theme park to our agenda for the summer camp.

This afternoon I was puppy-proofing the house for the new arrival on Wednesday. Tigger was too busy sunning herself in the hot weather to be concerned with what I was up to, taking down curtains and putting away ornaments and rugs! The weather here has been unbelivable the last few days, around 25ºC which is practically unheard of in Ireland. I sat outside for about 20 minutes eating lunch and my arms started to get sunburnt, that is how fair-skinned I am!

This evening I had a big surprise, I knew it was coming, but not in the quantity that it did. I finally got my overpaid tax back! I’ll tell you that it is enough to buy myself that new camera I’ve been drooling over for the last while, the Pentax Optio W90; waterproof, shockproof and most importantly sandproof, as thats how my last camera ‘bit the dust’! Hopefully this will mean lots more photos to post up here.

I’m also going to order Grizz’s name tags from here http://www.indigocollartags.com. The tags slide onto the collar so they don’t jangle and there is less chance of loosing them, I think they look great!



Here is Tigger, my 14 year old moggy.

Her hobbies include sunbathing, giving evil looks and waking us up at unholy hours of the morning. I thought i’d better introduce her as she’d probably be jealous that I mentioned the puppy first. She’s a real character and an integral part of the family.

The dog breeder sent me another photo of Grizz today, he’s 5 1/2 weeks old now. I love his little wrinkly nose!

We’re all a bit concerned about how Tigger is going to take to having a bouncy puppy in the house. She’s had the place to herself from day one, and any encounters she has had with dogs have ended up with her hiding under a bed. I’m going to introduce them very slowly, let her get used to his scent first and then show her the pup while he is sleeping in his crate, although I think Tigger will still react like this…

'What the hell is that?!'

We’ll just have to wait and see. 3 more weeks ’till puppy time!